This car represents a completely different concept than the previous car. The lead of the world’s leading teams is an average of 10 years and our goal is to attack the top ten in three years. With this car, we managed to reach the 18th place in the Formula Student Germany 2010 competition, and we are missing only a few, to be among the top 10.


The frame is made of chrome-molybdenum steel tubes and carbon-based sandwich panels of our own production. The front chassis is pull-rod type, with shock absorbers, including steering and stabilizer, for the maximum reduction of the center of gravity of the vehicle under the feet of the pilot. The rear suspension is a push-rod type. Uprights are cast from magnesium alloy . A new pedal unit was also produced and more fitted to the drivers needs. The engine has been preserved. It is Yamaha YZF-R6 2007, which drives a completely new differentiation from Drexler through the secondary chain.

The FS.02 has placed great emphasis on weight reduction and overall vehicle reliability.