Best Czech team with a lot of inovations

There are over 500 teams around the World participating in Formula Student competition. Currently, we are ranked 21st place overall, and we are also the best team in Czech Republic. Since we want to keep our position, we have to innovate a lot.

We have developed and manufactured the first carbon fibre monocoque structure in Czech Republic. The next step has been the development and manufacture of custom 10″ carbon fibre rims. We have access to a wide variety of modern technologies, such as 3D printing of plastic and metal.

A lot of work has to be done every year and this how you can help us.

What we can offer to you?

Academic background (cooperation with students during development process, Bachelor’s or Master’s Theses subjects, experienced students)

Presentation of your company throughout the Europe at racing competitions.

Your company presentation at our PR events. For example, International Engineering Fair (MSV), Motorsport Expo, or at our partners’ events (Škoda Auto, MCAE, SWELL, TAJMAC-ZPS).

We can also participate at your events.

How you can help us?

There are a lot of ways how you can help us.

We use a lot of material every year and are in need of better workshop equipment. Also, we are not able to manufacture every car part ourselves, so we are always looking for manufacturing partners. And last but not least, you can help us finance our project.

Are you still interested?

Then, there is nothing easier than contact us.